• 22nd
    April 2015

    Ep Recording

    Hello Folks, just a quick update to say we are heading into the studio on 3rd May to start recording our first EP. Lots of exciting stuff going on in the Damn Dead Sea camp which we will update you on in due course.

    Enjoy the sunshine.

  • 23rd
    March 2015

    Wycombe Gig

    Thanks to everyone that came down to Wycombe. We had a great time and met some very cool people. We are going to be sorting out a hometown show fairly soon so we’ll keep you posted. We’ve also added a few photos from the show.

  • 8th
    March 2015

    Upcoming Gig

    Hey Everyone, our next show is going to be on 20th March in High Wycombe, full details are below. We are really excited about this one and have been working hard on honing our set for the gig. We are hoping to record some tracks and will post the resulting videos.

    Lots of good things will be happening over the next few months including recording and a new website.

    We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that came down to our first ever gig in Newbury. It was an absolute blast and the response has been fantastic so thank you very much.

    We will keep posted on developments from within the Damn Dead Sea camp.